Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Agreement between the University of L'Aquila and LSU

Before I left Baton Rouge, I contacted the International Office of LSU A&M to get the standard form for Letter's of Intent between two universities. I was given a document to submit to the Universita degli Studi dell'Aquila, which I gave to Professors Anna Tozzi, Margherita Mori and Lelio Iapadre. Upon completing meetings on Wednesday, I recieved a signed agreement letter in both Italian and English, signed by Rector Ferdinando di Orio, Rector, University of L'Aquila on June 7, 2010. I am bringing this document to LSU for review and signature to confirm the Letter of Intent. It basically states that both universities are interested in organizing and performing joint research projects, academic seminars and guest lectures and would foster exchanges of scholarly materials, research reports and publications. There are many areas of common interest between the two universities.

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