Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spinoff Company Meeting

I met with Giovanni Cinque of the L'Aquila University spinoff company, HIMET/ELDES Weather Radar. The RADHYX is now called WR-10X and the research was co-sponsored by the EC. It has developed meteorology and environmental technologies and is a spin off of the University of L'Aquila's CETEMPS (Center for Excellence for Severe Weather Forecasting). They have some fasinating technology on integrated sounding systems. They have the ability to provide meteorological automated forecasting at high speed spatial resolution. This could have applications in hurricane and severe storm prediction in Louisiana. They also have a portable mini-radar system for real time monitoring of weather conditions. Other products include:Forecasts maps at different heights and spatial resolutions (temperature,
humidity, wind, geopotential height etc.)
Nowcasting maps of selected variables (visibility, precipitation, wind,turbulence intensity etc.)
Automatic scores evaluation (forecasts Vs measurements)
Actual weather maps and graphics derived from instrument network measurements
Automatically generated warning messages.
All of these were of interest and I will connect this group with our LSU faculty and researchers working on similar problems as well as the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute.

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  1. Good to know about this company meeting. I am very happy to arrange a company party soon at one of Venues in San Francisco and have planned to have my sister as the planner for the party. Want to make this party really enjoyable for the staff.