Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 3, Presentations to the Departments of Sciences

Pictured is LSU LBTC client, Floating Island Enviromental Solutions LLC's floating island technology that is being tested on assisting in cleaning up the oil spill before it reaches the Louisiana marsh. They have met with Dr. Ralph Portier of LSU on getting assistance with Microbes that can degrade oil.

This morning I met with Professor Maurizio Biondi, Direttore of Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali and Zoology Professor. Professor Biondi was one of the faculty that visited the LBTC in Baton Rouge last September and organized my trip to L'Aquila. I gave a seminar entitled: “Disaster consequences on the environment: from Katrina to the Black Tide”
Presented to the Department of Environmental Sciences – University of L’Aquila. The seminar was attended by approximately 30 faculty and PhD students in the department studying enviromental science. I received a tour of the facility and labs and met with various faculty members prior and after the presentation. Professor Walter Rossi gave me a special tour of his labs and showed me publications that he co-authored with LSU professor Meredith Blackwell. He is very interested in the Fulbright program and would like to initiate a conversation to visit LSU and have Professor Blackwell visit L'Aquila. I gave my presentation focusing on the British Petroleum Oil Spill and the environmental impact that it will have on the Louisiana and the entire Gulf of Mexico. Although my presentation covered specific issues on Hurricane Katrina and the L'Aquila earthquake, their questions and interest was clearly on the current event, the Oil Spill in the Gulf. The seminar was for two hours with very good interaction between the group on issues that I presented. They also expressed their interest in knowing how long should they expect the recovery process to take in L'Aquila based on the New Orleans hurricane recovery period from 2005-2010.

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