Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dompe Pharmaceutical Company Visit June 9

Today, I will be visiting the Dompe' Pharmaceutical company with Professor Rololfo Ippoliti. From the website: "The Dompé family’s commitment to the pharmaceutical industry dates back to the second half of the 19th century when Gian Antonio Dompé, the founder of the dynasty, with a passion for chemical and pharmaceutical science, opened a chemist’s in Piazza della Scala, Milan. More than a pharmacy it was a meeting place, or better an institution frequented by Verdi, Leoncavallo and Puccini." In the nineties, the company decided to strengthen their industrial commitment in Italy and, in 1993, founded, in L’Aquila, Dompé spa, a pole that still today comprises within it a Research Centre entirely dedicated to identifying new therapeutic solutions for curing rare diseases for which there is no cure and a Production Centre that develops drugs for the Primary care area. The university's biotechnology faculty is working with this company and the company can provide jobs to L'Aquila graduates. I will send pictures once I begin the tour.

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