Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Schedule for June 9, 2010

As the five week visit to the University of L'Aquila comes to an end, I will be meeting tomorrow with Professor Anna Tozzi, Pro-rector for International Relations - University of L'Aquila. We will be discussing potential agreements and joint projects between LSU and University of L'Aquila. In addition, I will be meeting with Professor Lelio Lapadre of the College of Economics - International Trade Department to discuss the Soft Landing of possible spinoff incubator companies from Italy to Louisiana and in reverse. He is also setting up meetings with PhD students in international business and in Urban Planning from the University of Pescara. The Urban Planning student is interested in the reconstruction and redevelopment process in Louisiana after the hurricanes of 2005 and 2008. The afternoon will consist of a tour of one of the major biomedical firms operating in L'Aquila with Professor Rodolfo Ippoliti, vice dean of the faculty of Biotechnology. As my trip winds down, I will be departing for the USA on June 12. It has been a great experience where I have met great friends and talented collegues that I will continue to work with in the future and hopefully develop joint projects across the continent and universities.

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