Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Physics and Spinoffs at L'Aquila

June 8, 2010, meeting and workshop with the Professor of Physics, Dr. Michele Nardone. Professor Nardone visited Baton Rouge and attended my seminar that I held for the L'Aquila delegation in October of 2009. Today we visited and discussed projects and procedures at L'Aquila and in Italy for university research and spinoff companies. The University seems to encourage spinoff companies which is very good and there are a number of entrepreneurial faculty at the university. The department has 40 researchers and full professors and they are doing research in neutrono physics, solid state physics, Nano technologies, weather forecasting and climatology and solar physics. They have some faculty working with the scientists at Gran Sasso. They have a spinoff called Nano-Cat, Srl, Center for Advanced Nano-Technologies which has a lab for chemical analysis, a clean room, and is working on nano particle coatings. They were very interested in the work being done at LSU through our Center for Advanced Micro-structures and Devices (CAMD) as well as the LBTC graduate company, Mezzo Technologies. I sent them a presentation showing both Mezzo and CAP Technologies (coating technology). They would like to exchange more information so I will link them with our researchers and companies. Professor Luca Lozzi gave me a tour of their labs and the spinoff company. Another spinoff is in the area of meteorological and weather technology and analysis. They have found applications in weather reporting and forecasting, transportation and communications and supplied data during and after the 2009 earthquake. They have partnered with several European Companies and ELI of the USA.

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