Monday, May 17, 2010

Meeting with Engineering Faculty and students on Youth entrepreneurship May 17

May 17 in l'Aquila at University Engineering School. The Engineering campus was severly damaged by the earthquake and the entire school was relocated to a business / industrial center where they have approximately 6,000 engineering students. I spoke to the classes on "Youth Entrepreneurship" under the direction of Dean Pier Ugo Foscolo. He set up a presentation for me to the graduate students and some interested undergraduate students that were interested in entrepreneurship. I spoke to the group and explained the process in the USA for encouraging entrepreneurship and in particular student entrepreneurship. I discussed the LBTC's Student Incubator and the current programs at the LBTC. I showed a powerpoint presentation that gave the physical layout and the services offered for our student incubator funded by the Capital One Bank - William Montan Charitable Trust and the LBIA / Louisiana Economic Development grant. They expressed strong interest in having the Universita L'Aquila establish a student incubator in the proposed virtual incubator that we are discussing with L'Aquila officials. Tomorrow I meet with business and industrial leaders as well as Engineering faculty to discuss cooperation between university and business leaders to build strong partnerships.

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