Monday, May 17, 2010

This week I am working with Dean Pier Ugo Foscolo from the College of Engineering Universita L'Aquila. As posted earlier, today was spent with engineering students, both graduate and undergraduate. Tomorrow, I am presenting to an industry group that is very interested in forging a close relationship with the university and to develop partnerships that can enhance the recovery. The students lives have been disrupted with many having to relocate to villages all around L'Aquila due to the lack of available housing. This was experienced in the Katrina recovery in New Orleans. The university has been scattered, the students scattered and the faculty scattered leading to a very difficult work and study environment. The students asked many questions on how UNO, Tulane, SUNO, Xavier and Loyola survived the disaster. I told them how students were dispersed to universities throughout the USA and that it was a difficulty and lenghty recovery. They were interested in hearing how LSU took in the entire dental school and relocated them to LSU South, our research park, until their facilites could be rebuilt in New Orleans. Dean Foscolo and other faculty members are living in Rome now and have to commute two hours each way daily. It is not uncommon for students to have to come in on bus daily from the surrounding villages.

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