Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pictures from L'Aquila

On May 18, I toured the historic central city of L'Aquila to view damage. It is sad to see the damage and destruction to such historic buildings and the shift of the commerce from the historic area to the outlying parts of the town. The town has lost its heart.

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  1. Charlie,

    I enjoyed reading your entries. From the pictures it looks like some of their most treasured building have been heavily damaged and I hope they'll be able to save most if not all of them. Your blog format looks similar to the one my daughter has been keeping while in France. Hers is called Lifeinthefrenchalps. She graduated from LSU 18 months ago and may be using the same template as you. She'll be coming home next week after 9 months in Europe. Hope all is going well.

    Carl Herrick - Sandler Training